Routes Documentation

Routes is a Python re-implementation of the Rails routes system for mapping URLs to application actions, and conversely to generate URLs. Routes makes it easy to create pretty and concise URLs that are RESTful with little effort.

Routes allows conditional matching based on domain, cookies, HTTP method, or a custom function. Sub-domain support is built in. Routes comes with an extensive unit test suite.

Current features:

  • Sophisticated route lookup and URL generation
  • Named routes
  • Redirect routes
  • Wildcard paths before and after static parts
  • Sub-domain support built-in
  • Conditional matching based on domain, cookies, HTTP method (RESTful), and more
  • Easily extensible utilizing custom condition functions and route generation functions
  • Extensive unit tests


Routes can be easily installed with pip or easy_install:

$ easy_install routes


# Setup a mapper
from routes import Mapper
map = Mapper()
map.connect(None, "/error/{action}/{id}", controller="error")
map.connect("home", "/", controller="main", action="index")

# Match a URL, returns a dict or None if no match
result = map.match('/error/myapp/4')
# result == {'controller': 'error', 'action': 'myapp', 'id': '4'}


Bug’s can be reported on the github issue tracker. Note that routes is in maintenance mode so bug reports are unlikely to be worked on, pull requests will be applied if submitted with tests.